The beginning

The roots of ITAG-ÖKOLEX company group go back to the time of the political change in Hungary. Hungarian economists and lawyers established the founding company with just a few persons in 1989.

The present

Three Hungarian companies of ITAG provide different services from each other and strive for fulfilling tasks reliably and professionally, keeping their independence in their own professional fields. At the same time they take an advantage of know-how and special knowledge of each other and the up-to-date professional international experiences of ITAG and SCI.
This synergy makes it possible to provide the especially complex and individual services.

The future

The company group is planning and forming its future optimistic and resolutely, based on its stable colleague team and conservative scale of values: it is providing GOOD and WELL , keeping and expanding its international clientele in Hungary, representing its Hungarian clients in Europe, not departing from its peculiar philosophy. This is the main guarantee of its success.